Investment opportunities in Sierra Leone

Investment opportunities in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone has significant growth potential and it is seen in the international business market as stable, both politically and economically. However Sierra Leone has rich undeveloped assets found in a broad range of industries from extractive industries such as iron ore, diamond and gold mining, agriculture and tourism sectors.

Agriculture sector

Rice cultivation and production

Agro-processing of food and beverages (cassava, potato, yam); cocoa   and coffee bean processing; fruit processing and canning; commercial cotton processing; fertilizer production, palm oil and other edible oil processing

Energy sector

  1. Accelerating electrification to meet the growing nationwide demand
  2. Development of mini-hydro power, gas, solar photovoltaic systems and biomass.
  3. Promotion and development of new and renewable energy resources.

Mining sector

The major raw materials in Sierra Leone are diamonds, iron ore, bauxite, rutile and gold.

Tourism sector

  1. Development of specialized eco-tourism
  2. Provision of quality hotels, recreational, entertainment and restaurantsthat meet international standards
  3. Provision of travel business
  4. Set up of training for the Tourism Industry

Health sector

  1. Establishment of special hospitals or clinics to provide HIV/AIDS health care
  2. Provision of private psychiatry hospitals and facilities
  3. Manufacturing of drugs/medical equipment/disposables, etc.
  4. Cultivation and processing of herbal medicine
  5. Cosmetics and beauty product manufacture

Financial Services

The liberalized financial system offers opportunities for profitable investment in the provision of new financial products and services in banking and insurance.

Manufacturing sector

A great deal of opportunities exists in this sector. Major manufacturing companies include Aureol Tobacco Company Limited, Sierra Leone Brewery Limited, and Sierra Leone Match Factory, Magbass sugar Complex, Freetown Cold Storage, Chanrai Chemicals, Sierra Leone Paint Factory and Sierra Leone Knitting Mills.

Construction sector

Opportunities exist in the construction of pre-fabricated low-cost houses including the construction of schools, institutions and rehabilitation of the infrastructure outside of major urban centres.

Fish Farming & Processing

  1. Production of value-added fish products for export
  2. Manufacture of fishing gear/equipment

Infrastructure sector

  1. Provision of markets and common community facilities
  2. Rural water supply

Construction of industrial parks

Sewage/refuse collection and/or transportation

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