Background and Geography of Sierra Leone

Background and Geography of Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is a country in West Africa that is bordered by Guinea to the northeast, Liberia to the southeast, and the Atlantic Ocean to the southwest.

Land Area in Sierra Leone

Agriculture                  34,350 square kilometres

Forest                          27,064 square kilometres

Water                          120 square kilometres

National Park               10086square kilometers

Total Land area           71,620 square kilometres (2011est)


There are twelve districts in Sierra Leone. Koinadugu District with 12,121 square kilometres is the largest district and Kambia District with an area of 3,108 square kilometres is the smallest district

Mountains: Sierra Leone is a mountainous country with Mount Loma Mansa (Bintimani) being the highest with 1,948 metres.

Longest River: Rokel River

Largest Lake:   Lake Sonfon (8.2 square kilometres)

National Parks: Sierra Leone has six national Parks

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