Tourism in Seychelles

Tourism in Seychelles

Tourism is the most important non-government sector of Seychelles’ economy. About 15 percent of the formal work force is directly employed in tourism and employment in construction, banking, transportation and other activities is closely tied to the tourist industry.

Tourism is a vital industry for the Seychelles; a lot of efforts are being made by the country´s tourism board to attract visitors.

The direct contribution of the tourism sector to GDP was estimated at 50 percent, and it provides about 70 percent of total foreign exchange earnings

Tourists enjoy the Seychelles’ coral beaches and opportunities for water sports. Wildlife in the archipelago is also a major attraction.

In 1991 France was the leading source of tourists followed by the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, and South Africa. Europe provided 80 percent of the total tourists and Africa, mostly South Africa and Reunion, most of the remainder. European tourists are considered the most lucrative in terms of length of stay and per capita spending

Regulatory Framework

Ministry of Tourism

The Ministry of Tourism is the authority responsible for overseeing tourism in Seychelles

Tourism board

Tourism Board is responsible for implementing Seychelles’ national tourism policy, promoting the destination, research, product development, monitoring of standards and coordinating with its tourism offices, representative agencies and Seychelles Tourism Ambassadors abroad.

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