Investment climate in Seychelles

Investment climate in Seychelles

Seychelles welcomes foreign investment. The government’s objective is to promote economic and commercial relationships to sustain its tourism and fishing industries, which are the main drivers of economic growth, as well as to diversify the economy.

The Seychelles investment climate has changed radically over the past decade, in the wake of the decision to transform the economy of Seychelles from a predominantly agricultural / tourism-based one into a sophisticated international service centre, receptive to foreign investors.

Seychelles improved its legislative framework.  The country offers generous fiscal incentives to foreign investors.  In an ever increasing drive to improve competitively, Seychelles has signed Double Tax Treaty Agreements with a number of jurisdictions which further intensify and facilitate the registration of businesses in and from Seychelles.

Regulatory Authority

The Seychelles Investments Act 2010

 The Seychelles Investments Act 2010 (“SIA”) to ensure that foreign investors are given fair and equitable treatment. The SIA also ensures that investors’ property rights are protected by ensuring that investments are never directly or indirectly nationalized or expropriated by the Government. The SIA also goes on to ensure that investors are freely able to transfer their profits out of the jurisdiction. Under the SIA an Investor is defined as any legal person who carries on or intends to carry on an investment. An investment is defined as any contribution made by a person to start or expand any economic activity in the country. And so the protection afforded by the SIA to Investors are not only limited to those who initiate or commence an Investment, but it also extends to those who later on decide to come in and help invest into the Seychelles economy. 

Seychelles Investment Bureau

Seychelles Investment Bureau aims to reduce bureaucracy in the realization of projects. The broad objective of the bureau is to provide the ideal framework for investment and to promote the Seychelles as the perfect environment for business, consequently developing an investor friendly culture in the country.

Roles of Seychelles Investment Bureau

  • To process all project proposals which need government approval regardless of the investment size
  • Provides advisory support to investors
  • Identification of potential partners
  • Identification and selection of sites and business premises
  • Organization of visits and meetings with public agencies and economic operators
  • Provision of market intelligence, market opportunities and information on costs of doing business
  • Assistance with obtaining work permits and all required licenses and clearances from relevant authorities
  • Preparation of brochures, newsletters and advertises Seychelles
  • Organization of trade missions and road shows
  • Provision of aftercare services to investors to facilitate the realization of the full potential of the investment

Seychelles Investment Board (SIB)

SIB’s main function is to promote investment and facilitate the investment process in a way which is in line with the administrative, policy and legal framework.

Seychelles International Business Authority (SIBA)

Formed in February of 1995, the Seychelles International Business Authority (SIBA) is a body corporate with board members being prominent persons of both government and the private sector.

SIBA is essentially a one-stop shop, licensing and regulating offshore activities. SIBA acts as Registrar for international business companies and international trusts and promotes Seychelles as an international financial business centre

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