Transport in Dakar

Transport in Dakar

Special hire taxis

Taxis are by far the easiest way of getting around Dakar. They are either black-yellow or blue-yellow in color. Rates need to be negotiated before stepping into the cab. The taxis go into the suburbs of Point E, Mermoz, Yoff and N’Gor.


Shared taxis

Shared taxis in Dakar are station wagons locally known as ‘sept places.’ Up to seven people can be packed into the vehicles at once. They are the most popular public transportation among the locals.


Minibuses travel to places outside the city like Ndangane. They take longer to fill and are generally uncomfortable because many people as possible are often squeezed.


Public buses in Dakar are of two colors; some are blue while others are white. The blue buses are more spacious than the white ones and they go through more routes too.

Horse-drawn carts

These are a popular method of lugging cargo around Dakar. Horses easily maneuver unpaved roads and can lug heavy loads, though they are appreciably slower than motorized forms of transport.

Water transport

Dakar is located on the Cap-Vert Peninsula on the Atlantic coast. Ferries are available to Banjul, Ziguinchor and Gorée Island. It takes about 20 hours for ferries to travel between Dakar and the southern Senegalese city of Ziguinchor which is quicker than the same journey by land.




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