Investment guarantees in Senegal

Investment guarantees in Senegal

Senegal has issued an Investment Code and a Status of Free Enterprise geared towards Exportation (EFE) in order to encourage and facilitate investments through incentive Frame wok systems. These guarantees are provided in Articles 5, 6 and 7 of the Investments Code.

1.Financial Guarantees

These guarantees touch on the availability of foreign exchange, transfer of capital and profits.

  • Transfer of capital

The freedom for the company to transfer income or proceeds of any nature, arising from its operations, from any sale or liquidation of its assets, is guaranteed in accordance with the laws in force

  • Transfer of profits

The freedom to transfer all or part of profits of an investor, regardless of his legal nature and the amount expressed in local or foreign currency, is also guaranteed, to any associate or shareholder of a company, a national of a third country.

  • Availability of foreign exchange

Obtaining foreign exchange necessary for the activities of companies is not limited within Senegal.

2.Guarantees against risks of dispossession

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