Transport System in Sao Tome

Transport System in Sao Tome

Sao Tome is the largest and capital city of The Sao Tome and Principe islands. It’s the commercial zone of the islands, the largest port and economical affecting area. It is very quiet, safe, human-scale and full of pretty if decrepit colonial architecture. Therefore the means of transport used here include;

Special Hire Car

This is the best option on roads around the city centre and from the south of the island of Sao Tome. The prices are negotiable between the driver and the passenger.


Buses usually move from all parts of the island to bus station near the market in the city.

By boat

Travel from the south coast to the North where Sao Tome by port on fare prices


São Tomé is served by São Tomé International Airport with regular flights to Europe and other African Countries. There are direct planes heading straight to Sao Tome from Gabon and Angola and Portugal


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