Wildlife in Rwanda

Wildlife in Rwanda

Rwanda boasts a wide variety of wildlife which comprises of flora and fauna. Rwanda is home to the world’s largest number of endangered mountain gorillas which live in a protected area, free from poachers. The gorillas can be viewed in their natural mountain habitats at a fairly close range and the country has also  a variety of  birds and butterflies.

Challenges in wildlife Rwanda

  • Pressures resulting from human activities are the greatest threat to Rwandan wildlife.
  • Rampant poaching of large mammals at Nyungwe has resulted in very low duiker numbers.
  • Fires set by people wanting to smoke bees from wild hives have spread and many hills hence displacing wildlife
  • At times the mining of gold have spawned the creation of large mining camps in the forests hence displacing wildlife
  • Human population is growing at an alarming rate resulting into encroachment of forests hence wildlife is shrinking.
  • Most people live in rural areas  and this generates pressure to take away protected areas and convert it into farmland.
  • Rampant poaching of small mammals is a new challenge.

Organisations in Wildlife Rwanda

Rwanda Environment conservation organisation

RECO is responsible for putting much emphasis on environmental education/education for Sustainable development, forestry, soil conservation, water and sanitation, promotion of sustainable management and utilization of energy and biodiversity conservation.

Gorilla Organization

Gorilla Organization (GO) focused on securing the survival of the world’s last remaining gorillas and the organisation has a unique grass roots approach to environmental protection that promotes long term poverty alleviation and environmental education projects in the poor communities around the gorilla habitats