Transport Sector Profile Rwanda

Transport Sector Profile Rwanda

Infrastructure and Transport Rwanda
Infrastructure plays a major role in the movement of goods and services from places of supply to places of demand. The current situation of the infrastructure and transport sector is as follows:

Road Transport
Transport sector system centers primarily on the road network with paved roads between Kigali and other major towns within the country. Rwanda is linked by good roads to all neighboring countries which include Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The country’s most important trade route by road to Mombasa is via Kampala and Nairobi.

Air Transport
Kigali International Airport located at Kanombe, a suburb approximately 10 kilometers from Kigali City Centre is the only international airport which handles domestic, regional and international flights. Plans are already underway to build a new international airport at Nyamata in Bugesera District about 40 km from Kigali City.

Railway Transport     
The country has no operating railways system of transport but there are plans through COMESA to link Kigali to the Tanzanian railway network.

Water Transport
The form of Water transport is on Lake Kivu which is the largest lake in Rwanda forming the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo. Transport on Rwanda’s other major lakes is mostly limited to ferries, there are limited modern boat services between the major ports of Cyangugu, Kibuye and Gisenyi and usually local boats similar to those used to fishing also transport people from one side to the other. Some lakes have resort bars and hotels which can offer a pleasure cruise to their customers in their own speed boat.