The national fiber optic backbone

The national fiber optic backbone network connects Rwanda to international sea cables are already in place. The network will reduce the costs to the users and enhance accessibility to internet across the country. A national data centre which will allow Rwanda to centralize her information storage, management and protection, as well as take advantage of cloud computing opportunities has been set up.

Key achievements

The key achievements include the following;

  • Kigali Metropolitan Network is complete and about 98 government institutions are already connected with fiber optic cable.
  • There are now four telecom operators MTN, TIGO, BSC and Airtel.
  • Set up of National Backbone Fiber optic Network with a view to acquire affordable and reliable connectivity. Optic Fiber of about 2,500 Kilometers has been laid throughout the country connecting all Districts, Nine main Boarder posts.
  • SMART National ID in place. The National Data Center physical construction is complete.
  • Kalisimbi Project infrastructure works has been completed and the deployment of some of the services has been completed such as Air Traffic management System for Rwanda.
  • One Laptop per child (more than 56,607 laptops deployed in 113 schools).

Other achievements include an internet Exchange Point, ICT Park, National Computing Centre and Telemedicine Network which connects Rwandan hospitals and universities.