The Energy Sector of Rwanda

Rwanda energy sector has greatly improved over the recent past but there is still plenty of room for further improvement. The aim of the sector is to create conditions for the provision of safe, reliable, efficient, cost effective and environmentally appropriate energy services to households and to all economic sectors on a sustainable basis. There is a need to improve generation, transmission and distribution of power, diversify the energy sources to reduce costs and create a very conducive legal and regulatory framework.

The energy has current electrification rate of 14.5% with 252,000 connections. Electricity accounts for about 4.5% of primary energy use in Rwanda, biomass contributes 84.5% and petroleum products 11%.

The Regulatory Framework for the Energy Sector

Ministry of Infrastructure

MINIFRA is responsible for national energy infrastructure and is the primary government ministry in the energy sector and the rural energy is part of this mandate. The MINIFRA views its role in the off-grid energy sector to include training, strategy, development of technical specifications for energy equipment, recommendation of strategies for the development of the private sector.

National Energy Policy 2008

The Energy Policy for Rwanda was updated in November 2008 lays down the Government’s commitment to the development and utilization of renewable energy resources and technologies and energy efficiency promotion. The National Energy Policy therefore, aims to establish an efficient energy production, procurement, transportation, distribution and end use systems in an environmentally sound and sustainable manner.

Ministry of Natural Resources

MINIRENA is responsible for the management of the forest and water resources of the country as well as environmental protection and management.

The Rwanda Utility Regulatory Agency (RURA)

The Utility Agency is set under law number 39/2001 with the  responsibility for setting the overall policy, strategy of the energy sector and coordinating the developments of the electricity sub-sector  in Rwanda

The Ministry of Forestry and Mines

The ministry has the responsibility of being in charge of all matters related to biomass to promote increased production as well as reduce utilization so as to replace biomass usage to peat resources.

Rwanda Development Board

RDB is responsible for promoting investment opportunities in the energy sector by providing services to businesses and enterprises and provide clearance for energy sector projects

The information under the Rwanda’s energy sector is organised as follows;

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