Roads Transport

Roads Transport


Road Transport is the dominant mode of transport in Rwanda, accounting for over 95 per cent of the volume of freight and human movement.

Transport infrastructure

Within Rwanda, transportation is essentially by road, with a network of more than 14.000km, of which 4.698km of the network has been classified into national roads (2.860km), district roads (1.835km), and gravel roads (3.563km).

The road network gives overall connectivity both along the main national and international highways and in access to individual towns, villages, workplaces and homesteads throughout the country.

Road Transport in Rwanda has been summarised to include the following;

Current state of Road Transport in Rwanda
Funding for the development of the roads system
Means of transport on Rwanda Road System.
Regulatory Framework on Road Transport
Rwanda safety arrangements on Roads
Opportunities in the Transport Sector
Bus Companies in Rwanda
Local Roads Capacity Rwanda
Road Network Rwanda
Challenges with Road Transport Rwanda