Regulatory Framework on Road Transport

Regulatory Framework on Road Transport

Ministry of Infrastructure

MININFRA responsible for transport policy and strategy coordination in addition to managing all day to day aspects of the transport sector in Rwanda.

Law on Roads in Rwanda

Law N°55/2011 of 14/12/2011 spells out the legal framework on Roads in Rwanda

Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Agency

RURA ensures that the roads network is performing well, government regulatory policy appropriate and effective and environmental concerns are being addressed. RURA also handles matters specific to urban transport including how to assess road transport performance and ways of tackling important issues affecting the development of trucking and passenger public transport service.

Rwanda National Police

RNP is responsible for ensuring road traffic and road safety regulation in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 09 of 2000.

Rwanda Transport Development Agency (RTDA)

RTDA is responsible for planning, developing, managing and controlling the national roads network and infrastructure in the country. It has also the role of reducing, controlling transport costs, assuring the quality and durability of the