Passion Fruits

Passion Fruits

Rwanda has conducive climate, good soil and altitude for passion fruit growing. The passion fruit is a shallow rooted, woody, perennial and climbs other plants to search for light by means of tendrils. Passion fruit was introduced in Rwanda for commercial juice processing. Rwanda produces passion fruit both for the local and export markets. The country exports fresh purple passion fruits to the European market.

Areas that grow passion fruit
The key areas that grow passion fruit include the following:

  • Rulindo
  • Bicumbi
  • Burera
  • Gakenke

Varieties of passion fruits

The varieties of passion fruit available in Rwanda include the following:

  • Purple passion fruit
  • Yellow passion fruit
  • Sweet passion fruit
  • Giant passion fruit
  • Banana passion fruit

Uses of passion fruit
The uses of passion fruit include the following:

  • The fruits are consumed in the raw form when ripe by people.
  • The passion fruits are processed into passion fruit juice.
  • They provide a source of income to farmers.
  • They generate foreign exchange for the country.

Challenges with growing passion fruit
The challenges with growing the fruit include the following:

  • There is no adequate supply of quality on the market.
  • The plants are attached by many insects and diseases that destroy them.
  • High costs of drugs to control the insects and diseases
  • The local farmers lack knowledge of modern passion fruit farming
  • The farmers lack the capacity to add value their produce
  • The supply side of the passion fruits is still limited.
  • There often price fluctuation as a result of the fluctuation in the supply side.