Ntarama Memorial Site

Ntarama Memorial Site

Ntarama Memorial Site is located in Ntarama Town which about an hour drive from Kigali. Ntarama Town is in Kigali Province in an area known as Bugesera. Ntarama Memorial Site is a red-brick Catholic place of worship covered by Acacia trees. It is a church where some of the most brutal killings of the 1994 Rwandan Genocide took place.

In April 1994 about 5,000 sought refuge in Ntarama Church from the Intarahamwe Hutu Militias. On April 15, 1994 the Hutu Militia broke into the church compound and slaughtered every person.

Some of the remains of victims including human skulls and bones can still be seen. The belongings of the victims including clothes, suitcases and a child’s white sock still cover the church floor.

The coffins in front of the church house contain skeletons for relatives and visitors to pay their respects.

Importance of the centre

The centre is important for the following reasons;

  • It shows a real picture of what took place in April 1994
  • It a learning centre for future generations about the genocide
  • The survivors and visitors can use the centre to honour the victims of genocide.