Murambi Memorial Centre

Murambi Memorial Centre


Murambi Memorial Centre is located in Nyamagaba District, Southern Province near Gikongoro Town about 145km from Kigali Capital City. The centre is housed in the buildings that were intended to host a technical school and it was still under construction when the genocide took place. About 45,000 victims of genocide were killed here and bodies dumped into a mass grave by the Interahamwe Hutu militia. Tutsi from the surrounding area fled to church in Gikongoro when the killings began and the big crowd was advised by the church to go to Murambi on 16th April 1994.

Contents of the centre

The centre has documents from pre-colonial times to the more recent history of the 1994 genocide. The design focuses on developing a memorial from which the school children and local community can benefit. In chilling details the centre gives information about 1994 genocide against the ethnic Tutsis and moderate Hutus. The centre has a cemetery where victims’ bodies were buried in dignity after their bodies were exhumed from the ditches into which the killers threw them.

Importance of the Site

The centre serves the following purposes;

  • It tells a story of victims who lost their lives.
  • It has dramatic testimonies of victims from the area.
  • It has names and pictures of some of the top genocide perpetrators.
  • The Countries pre-colonial, colonial, and post colonial history is presented in order to understand successive events that led to the genocide.
  • Visitors can switch on one of the radios that villagers would listen to during the 1994 genocide to learn about how to conduct killings.
  • The centre has hate speeches against Tutsis for Hutu militants.
  • The Memorial Centre is healing centre to the victims who survived.
  • Visitors can obtain the video documentaries about what happened.

Murambi Memorial Centre