Model Demonstration Farms

Model Demonstration Farms

A demonstration farm is a farm which is used primarily to demonstrate various agricultural techniques with an economic gains being an added bonus. Demonstration farms in Rwanda have been established in places mainly to empower rural communities with modern techniques which they can use to grow quality crops

Rwanda’s demonstrations farms include

UCORIRWA: Union des Coopératives Rizicoles au Rwanda is a union of rice producers located in Bugesera.

PICROPP: PICROPP has a demonstration farm in Ngoma Districts in Eastern Province of Rwanda.

ASARECA: For Gitarama farmers and the demonstration farms are in Gitarama District.

Solace Ministries: With a bee keeping farm which will be located at the Nyamata Demonstration Farm.

GAKO farm: Located in Kabunga, Sustainable agriculture in a sustained environment to sustain livelihoods in Rwanda.

These demonstration farms mainly deal in; fruit trees, handicrafts, micro business, dairy cows, vegetables, poultry and pigs.

Purpose of demonstration farms in Rwanda

The purposes of the demonstration farms include the following;

  • Income generated for self sustainability.
  • They provide a mechanism to transfer knowledge.
  • Demonstration farms provide a mechanism for mutual support and interchange of ideas among farmers.
  • Farms help to train in various activities such as animal rearing in particular dairy cows.
  • Demonstration farms and meetings are seen as most important for working with commercial producers.
  • Educational materials are essential to add an additional element to students in different institutions.
  • Demonstration farms help residents of Rwanda to choose crops that yield highly.
  • They provide practical vocational training in a variety of skills.
  • They assist trainees to gain employment or improve living conditions.
  • The organic farming methods are taught during in various demonstration farms.
  • The demonstration farms equip the farmers with the necessary techniques to improve the farm yield .