Means of transport on Rwanda Road System.

Means of transport on Rwanda Road System.

The following are the available means of transport on Rwandan road system:

Motor cycle taxis

These are commonly referred to as Taxi Motos. Moto taxi drivers ware green jackets, helmets with ID numbers and are always with an extra helmet for the customer and these belong to a Union known as ASSETAMORWA and there is a standard style for sitting the motor cycle for both men and women.

Express Costas

These provide transport in key urban areas of Rwanda and also link Kigali City with major regional centers.


Bicycles are a common means of transport around the country but are not allowed to enter towns. They stop in designated areas before they enter town.

Share taxi

These are taxis which are locally known as Twegerane which means let’s sit together in the Kinyarwanda language . These are the common means of transport in urban areas.


The buses provide a means of transport between Kigali and other urban centres in Rwanda. The buses also connect Rwanda with other neighboring countries . The key bus companies operating in Rwanda include Jaguar Executive Coaches, Regional Coach Services and Onatracom among others.

Yahoo Car

This a minibus service running between Kigali and Bujumbura, Burundi and they are always found in Avenue de la Paix Kigali- Gasabo.

Special Hire Vehicles:

Special hire are also called taxi voiture which are generally painted white with an orange stripe. These are privately owned vehicles can be located in most public areas in urban areas.


These mainly seen in the Northern Corridor which is commonly used by importers and exporters in Rwanda with trucks ferrying goods to or from the port of Mombasa and Dar es salaam.