Lake Rweru

Lake Rweru forms the part of Rwanda and Burundi and has the total surface area of 100 km2, of which 80 km2 is in Burundi and 20 km2 in Rwanda. The lake has a shoreline of about 76 km. The mean depth is around 2.1 m with a maximum of 3.9 m. The lake is surrounded by marshes and papyrus and has floating islands. The lake is increasingly being invaded by water hyacinth. River Kagera which begins in Burundi flows out of Lake Rweru. The river then flows east along the Rwanda-Burundi and Rwanda-Tanzania borders until it joins River Ruvubu.

Activities on the lake

There are limited fishing activities going on in this lake. Total fish annual production in Rwandan part of the lake ranges from 200 to 250 tonnes per year.


The attractions on the lake include the following:

  • The lake has a number of varieties of water birds
  • The lake has some hippos

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