Kigali Memorial Centre/Gisozi Memorial

Kigali Memorial Centre/Gisozi Memorial

The Centre is situated in the Gasabo District located in Kigali Capital City of Rwanda and the centre is 4.3km from Kigali City. This was an International Centre that was created by a joint partnership of the Kigali City Council, UK-Based Aegis Trust and other donors worldwide.

The centre which was opened on the 10th Anniversary of Rwandan Genocide in April 2004 is a permanent memorial for victims of the 1994 genocide. It is built on a site where over 250.000 Tutsi victims were buried. The centre is reminder of the cost of ignorance, memorial for those who fell victim and also serves as a place for people to grieve those they lost. The centre contains the following:

  • Permanent house sections of exhibition of Rwanda Genocide and of other genocides around the world.
  • The permanent house also has a children ‘s memorial section
  • A library which has the teaching the history of Genocide.

The Kigali memorial centre is maintained by goodwill donations left by visitors

Importance of the centre

The centre is important for the following reasons;

  • It is a meaningful tribute to those who perished.
  • The centre is a powerful Educational tool for the next generation of Rwandan children
  • The centre deals with a topic of International importance with far reaching significance.
  • It is designed to engage and challenge an international visitor base.