Kibungo Town

Kibungo Town

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Kibungo Town is located about 100 kilometers from Kigali along the main road to Tanzania. The town is divided into two parts one on the main road itself and another along a small spur. The town is located near Kibungu, Birenga, Kazo and Colline Kazo. The town has a  population of  46,240 in 2012.

Tourist attraction
The town has the following attractions;

  • Bunagwa Hill is located near Buyoga in Kibungo.
  • Burengo Mountain  is located 20 km  from Kibungo Town.
  • Butenga Hill located  15 km from Kibungo Town.
  • Cyendajuru Hill located near Buyoga in Kibungo.
  • Gafunzo Wetland located in Kibungo near Buyoga
  • Lake Lac Hago found near Buyoga a few kilometers from Kibungo Town.
  • Rusumo  waterfall is located near Rusumo    Kibungo .
  • Mwoga wetland is located near Rusumo Kibungo,
  • RwandaBaie Rweza Bay is located near Kabare, Kibungo, Rwanda.

Education Institution
The campus of UNATEK, the University of Agriculture, Technology and Education is located in Kibungo Town.