Jua Kali Rwanda

Jua Kali Rwanda

The exhibition strategy has been used as a way of promoting Jua Kali sector in Rwanda with exhibitions being organized through the Private Sector Federation with the support of the government. The Jua Kali/ Nguvu Kazi exhibition has become both a showcase and a measure of progress being made in the sector and it promotes useful exchange of ideas and healthy competition among artisans and entrepreneurs, hence promoting overall development and growth of the sector.

There are over 47, 000 informal SME’s operating under Jua Kali in Rwanda and contributing about 5% of the total private sector employment. Jua Kali sector has great potential in job creation, poverty alleviation, as well as serving as a good breeding ground for local and regional talents, hence a strong spring board towards economic growth in Rwanda

Bujumbura exhibition that took place on 22nd-25th March 2013 was organized by the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) in collaboration with the embassy in Burundi.

International Trade Fair due to take place in Kigali-Rwanda from 24th July – 07th August 2013

Challenges facing Jua kali sector

  • Unfavourable legal and regulatory framework
  • Limited access to financial services
  • Inadequate marketing
  • Lack of human capital skills
  • Lack funds to acquire appropriate technology