Why Invest in Rwanda?

Why Invest in Rwanda?

Rwanda has created an investment climate which is very attractive for both local and foreign investments. The high level summary of the investment climate is as follows:

The economy

  • The economy is thriving and the country is safe.
  • Rwanda has a sustained high growth of 7.1%on average year on year GDP growth since 2004,
  • Stable inflation and exchange rate.
  • Rwanda is a country with a clear Vision 2020 aimed at transforming the Rwanda’s economy into a middle income country.
  • Predictable business environment

The environment

  • Kigali is a clean and green city with the lowest crime of any capital city in the region and it is the winner of UN Habitant Award 2008 the highest award for an urban area.
  • Excellent climate and fertile soils.
  • Excellent quality of life.
  • Outstanding natural beauty and wildlife

Political environment

  • World Bank governance indicators show that political stability is higher and is better in Rwanda.
  • Rwanda is a member of COMESA, East African Community, UN and has established a number of embassies abroad which enables access to markets.

Doing business

  • Rwanda understands the need for private sector investment for the economic development of the country.
  • The country is a stronghold of zero corruption
  • It is easier to start a business, employ workers, register property, get credit and be protected as an investor.
  • Rwanda is No 11 in world for ease of starting a business. It takes less than 3days to register a company.
  • Rwanda has an openness to foreign investment as of a reform implemented in 2008 and 2009 for ease of investors doing business
  • Strong privatization programs (Teas, ICT, and Tourism).
  • Abundance of low-cost skilled and semi-skilled labour.

Facilities in Rwanda

  • Rwanda is among top 3 African Countries in terms of internet connectivity.
  • Rwanda Development Board is available to facilitate investors