ICT Sector Rwanda

ICT Sector Rwanda

ICT Sector Rwanda

Information and Communication Technology is a central engine to driving Rwanda’s transformation to a knowledge based economy. Rwanda continues to be one of the fastest growing African countries in ICT and there are several opportunities for growth for the ICT sector including e-commerce and e-services, mobile technologies, applications development and automation and ICT training.

Role of ICT Rwanda

  • ICT sector has the potential to create wealth to different people in the country. ICT has created jobs people of Rwanda more especially the youth.
  • The sector has led to development of the country through the emerging of entrepreneurs
  • Large business, Government and private sector’ institutions and individual at depend on their communications networks and computer applications to function effectively in terms of administration
  • The sector has helped in reducing on transaction costs that is in banking, exports, financial services and taxation
  • The sector has equipped people with skills which will enable them to function as equals in the emerging knowledge economy and information society
  • ICT is a network to facilitate inters hospital connectivity and ensures easy accessibility to health services and an unlimited exchange of data between hospitals

Regulatory Framework in the ICT Sector

The Ministry of Youth and ICT

The Ministry of Youth and ICT is responsible for developing, coordinating, monitoring, evaluating and supports implementation of policies and strategies that promote youth development aimed at economic and social transformation and a productive and patriotic generation. The ministry is also charged with integrating and disseminating ICT through policy

ICT Policy in Rwanda

The Rwandan Government mainstreamed Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the Vision 2020 through ICT led Socio-Economic Development Policy and Plan for Rwanda (National Information and Communication Infrastructure 2001-2005 plan) adopted by the government in early 2000.

Rwanda Information Technology Authority (04/05/2010)

RITA is responsible for human development in the area of ICTs and other related skill areas to help increase the number of people qualified to work in this area. Through its National Computer Center division it also acts as a consulting group providing services to the government and public and private sector organizations.

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