Health Sector

Health Sector

The Health Sector of Rwanda

Rwanda’s Health Sector services are provided through the public facilities, government assisted health facilities (GAHFs), private health facilities and traditional healers. The public sector is organized into three levels as follows;

  • The central level based in Kigali is primarily responsible for developing health policy and the overall strategic and technical framework within which health services are provided. The central level is also responsible for monitoring and evaluating operational programs and for managing the national referral facilities.
  • The intermediate level consists of 11 provincial health offices managed under health, gender and social affairs guidelines. The Public Health Department of Kigali City also is in the intermediate level.
  • The peripheral level consists of district health offices. Each district has an administrative office, a district hospital and primary health care facilities (health centers). The district administrative offices are responsible for planning, managing, coordinating and evaluating on a daily basis the activities occurring in the health district.

Each of the above level coordinates with the other levels to prevent overlap and to improve use of resources and services.

Private Sector

  • Private medical sector in Rwanda has grown considerably and continues to grow. There are a number of private physicians and pharmacies throughout the country. The quality of service has greatly improvement as a result of the substantial investment in the sector by both government and private sector.

Regulatory Framework

Ministry of Health

The ministry is responsible for providing and improving the health services of the Rwandan population through the provision of preventive, curative and rehabilitative health care thereby contributing to the reduction of poverty and enhancing the general well-being of the population

Objectives of the ministry

Ministry of Health Rwanda put forward the following seven major objectives that are to be achieved by the year 2015;

  • Human Resources Development
  • Availability of drugs, vaccines & consumables
  • Geographical accessibility of health services
  • Financial accessibility of health services
  • Quality of and demand for health services in the control of diseases
  • Strengthening national referral hospitals, treatment & research centers.
  • Institutional capacity building

Health sector Policy 2004

The Health Sector Policy is the basis of national health planning and the first point of reference for all actors working in the health sector. It sets the health policy objectives, identifies the priority health interventions for meeting these objectives, outlines the role of each level in the health system and provides guidelines for improved planning and evaluation of activities in the health sector

National Health Insurance Policy

The National Health Insurance Policy is based on the principles of Universal Health Insurance and on National Rwandan values which have underpinned the achievements of the current Community Based Health Insurance (CBHIs).

Goal of CBHI

The goal of the CBHI development policy is to provide the population of Rwanda with universal and equitable access to quality health services. CBHI complements other existing social insurance systems such as RAMA and MMI, in addition to private insurance schemes which target workers from the formal and private sector of the economy.

Basic principles of the National Health Insurance Policy are the following:

  • Equity, risk-sharing and solidarity are the guiding principles that support efforts in resource mobilization and risk pooling and promoting access to quality services in the health sector.
  • Ownership, empowerment, participation and partnerships are the guiding principles upon which efforts to ensure the financial and institutional sustainability of the health financing framework will be built.
  • Universality and quality, the affiliation to health insurance is mandatory for each citizen and resident of the Republic of Rwanda.

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