Gitarama Town

Gitarama Town

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The town is located in Muhanga District in the Southern Province and is about 50 km south of Kigali City, the capital of Rwanda. It is the second largest town in Rwanda with a population of 87,613 in 2012.

About the town

The town is where the venue of the historic gathering of January 1961 at which people first declared Rwanda as a republic. Gitarama Town is also the birth place of Rwanda’s first President Gregoire Kayibanda, whose modest tomb now stands in the town centre.

Tourist attraction

The town has the following attractions;

  • Kabgayi Cathedral built in 1925 is 3 km from Gitarama Town
  • There is a museum located next to Kabgayi Cathedral which houses ancient hand tools, weapons like knives, hoes, spears and arrows.


Educational institutions

The town is the home of the following academic institutions;

  • St. Leon Minor Seminary.
  • Kabgayi Major Seminary.
  • St. Joseph Primary School.
  • St. Joseph Secondary School
  • St. Elizabeth Nurses & Midwives College
  • Kabgayi Technical College
  • Kabgayi Catholic Institute
  • Catholic University of Rwanda
  • Gitarama Adventist Secondary School.