Funding for the development of the roads system

Funding for the development of the roads system

The funding for the road system comes from government with the support of the donor community. The countries which have partnered with Rwanda to develop the road infrastructure include Japan, Saudi Arabia, China, World Bank and the European Union. Some of the major projects currently going on include the following:

The commitment of the government on roads in terms of budgetary provisions for financial year 2012/2013 on the road system is 132,746,924,294 Frw.

  1. Burundi Rwanda Kivu Belt Multinational Road

Donors: Saudi Fund for Development

Funding: US$13 million

        2.  Rwanda Highway

Donors: German construction company Strabag International

Funding: US$54 million

     3. Cyangugu-Ntenderi roads (Kigali Ruhengeri)

Donors: World Bank

Funding: Rwf 52 billion

Completion date: end of 2012

4.  Project: Gatuna Highway

Donors: European Union (EU

Funding: Rwf 27 billion

5.  Project: Rusizi Rubavu highway

Donors: China

Funding: $166 million

  6.  Project: Nyagatare, Gatsibo, Kayonza, Ruhango and Nyaza

Donors: USAID

Funding: 40 million US$

Ongoing Road Projects in Rwanda

          1.   Project: Kigali Gatuna Road

Donors: EU

Area: 77.8 kilometers

   2.   Project: Kigali Ruhengeli Road

Donors: World Bank and Government of Rwanda

Area: 83.1 kilometers

3.  Project: Ruhengeli Nyakinama Cyanika

Donors: RMF

Area: 34 kilometers

4.  Project: Jomba Shyira Road

Donors: EWSA, RTDA

Area: 15.3 kilometers

5.  Project: Gitarama Kibuye

Donors: RMF

Area: 78 kilometers

6.   Project: Kayonza Kagitumba

Donors: RMF

Area: 116 kilometers

7.   Project: Kayonza Rusumo

Donors: RMF

Area: 92 kilometers