Fisheries in Rwanda

Fisheries in Rwanda

Fisheries Sub Sector
The fisheries sub sector has a goal to contribute to the strengthening of the
food security with specific objective of improving the incomes of
actors in the fishery sub sector in a sustainable manner.

Main activities under fisheries sub sector

  • Capacity building activities to fishers especially in lakes management and sensitizing them on sustainable fishing methods.
  • Watershed protection activities around 17 inland lakes.
  • Assisting fish farmers in the rehabilitation and creation of fish ponds.
  • Rehabilitation of Kigembe fish farm into a modern fish hatchery.
  • Construction of landing sites in order to reduce post harvest losses and improve fish commercialization.
  • Carrying out lakes restocking with Tilapia niloticus.
  • Purchasing Tilapia niloticus brood stocks to supply to the farmers for the 1st stocking phase.
  • Assisting fish farmers to get the 1st cycle feeds and supplying them with 8 units of small fish feed making machines.
  • Training and organizing study tours to fishers and fish farmers in order to acquire more knowledge and skills on commercial fish farming.

 Achievements in fisheries subsector

  • 15 inland lakes with a total surface area of 15,380 ha have been restocked with 381,113 of Tilapia niloticus fingerlings.
  • Established watershed protection of the 17 inland lakes
  • 65 cooperatives have been trained to sustainably manage the lakes ecosystem.
  • 25 engine boats were purchased to support lakes surveillance in order to reduce malpractices in fishing including poachers and use of illegal gears
  • Rehabilitation of Kigembe into a modern fish hatchery with a capacity of producing atleast 10 million fingerlings per year.