Water Falls in Rwanda

Water Falls in Rwanda

falls in rwanda

Water falls in Rwanda are part of the beautiful sceneries that form a great ground for tourism and safaris. Many visitors travelling from across the world come to witness, view and take photographs and video footage of the falls and rapids that are available in some parts of Kigali and its surrounding.

The major Waterfall in Rwanda is Rusumo Falls

Rusumo Falls


Rusumo Falls is located on River Kagera shared by Burundi, Rwanda and Tanzania and is part of the might River Nile.
The Rusumo Falls is the site of the proposed Regional Rusumo Falls Hydroelectric and Multipurpose Project under joint development by Burundi, Rwanda and Tanzania for purposes of serving their common interests.The project is being developed within the overall Kagera Basin Integrated Development Framework, which is part of the Nile Basin Initiative (“NBI”) and its NileEquatorial Lakes investment program, NELSAP.