Current state of Road Transport in Rwanda

Current state of Road Transport in Rwanda

Rwanda is dependent on its road transport system for the economical development of the country. All the major towns are connected by the road network. Rwanda is also well connected by the road transport system with the neighboring countries of Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The road system plays a very important role in the import and export business of the country.

The road transport in Rwanda has greatly improved through rehabilitation and upgrading of various roads which has resulted in faster economic development of the country.

Rwanda has a total road network of 14,008 kilometers broken down as follows:

Paved Roads        2,662 kilometers

Unpaved              11,346 kilometers

Road Classification System

Roads in Rwanda are classified into national, districts and gravels. Classified roads constitute about 34% of the entire road network in Rwanda. These can be summarized as below;

National Road                2860 kilometers

District Roads                1835 kilometers

Gravel Roads                 3.5 kilometers