Chilli farming

The chilli has high demand in supermarkets, hotels, restaurants and homes. It is also used in the manufacture of medical products. The Rwanda chilli is also exported to UK, Holland, France and Belgium and to the neighbouring countries. The country’s export of chilli stands at 21 tons per annual.

Varieties of Chilli

The following varieties of chilli are grown in Rwanda;

  • The Rwandan bird eye chilli.
  • Red chilli
  • Orange chilli
  • Yellow chilli

Challenges of growing chilli

The challenges faced by the farmers include the following;

  • Disease control
  • Problem of meeting requirements to produce , process and export commercial volumes.
  • Farmers have little to grow chilli on
  • Lack of finances to invest in the project

Importance of Chilli

The chilli is important because of the following reasons;

  • Source of cash for local farmers
  • Rich in vitamin c and helps in boosting the metabolism
  • It is a spice used in cooking
  • It helps the country to earn foreign exchange.
  • It is used in pharmaceutical products

Districts that grow chilli

The key districts that grow chilli include the following;

  • Kamonyi
  • Gisagara
  • Muhanga
  • Nyaruguru
  • Nyanza
  • Ruhango
  • Huye
  • Nyamagabe