The sector is faced with the following challenges:

  • Land scarcity as a result of high population.
  • Soil fertility has deteriorated dramatically over time which has resulted into low agriculture output.
  • Rwanda’s land is at a high risk of erosion hence limiting agriculture in some areas.
  • The growth of coffee exports has been held back by fluctuating international coffee prices hence low income from coffee export.
  • Rwandan agriculture continues to be characterized by very low levels of inputs in the form either organic manure or other fertilizers.
  • Agriculture is based on rainfall as little irrigation goes on in Rwanda.
  • There is danger of low soil fertility and soil erosion as of deforestation.
  • Low purchasing power among the rural people.
  • Lack of awareness about market dynamics by the farmers in the country.
  • Limited market participation by the farmers
  • Lack of access to financial services.
  • Agricultural advisory services are not easily accessed by the rural farmers.