Byumba Town

Byumba Town

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Byumba Town is located in Northern Province of Rwanda and is the town of Gicumbi district. Byumba Town is located 60 kilometers from Kigali. The town had a population of 70,593 in 2011.

The attractions

The attractions in the town include the following;

  • Ile Shango Island is located18 Kilometers from Byumba Town Rwanda.
  • Kageyo Hill located 24 Kilometers from Byumba Town.
  • Kamemeno Hill located 26 Kilometers from Byumba Town.
  • Kita Island is located within 18 Kilometers from Byumba Town.
  • Kishanju Lake found within 23 Kilometers from Byumba Town.
  • Marais Cyongo is a wetland which is located within 24 kilometers from Byumba Town.
  • Mbayayo Hill located in19 Kilometers from Byumba Town
  • Ngerenke Hill is found within 22 kilometers from Byumba Town.


The town is connected to Kigali City by a tarmac road.