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Broadcasting is the distribution of audio and video content to a dispersed audience via any audio or visual mass communications medium, but usually one using electromagnetic radiation (radio waves).

The following are the ways of broadcasting in Rwanda;

Paying Televisions

Multi Choice (DSTV)

Located in Remera (Bld de l’Aéroport)
P.O. BOX 4307, Kigali

Tel: +250 585520

Star Africa Media TV

This is a Chinese company located in Kigali
P.O. BOX Kigali, Rwanda

Non Paying Televisions

TV Rwanda
This TV station is owned by the Government of Rwanda.

Located on Avenue de la Revolution
Tel: +250 577517/ 577519

Tele 10 Rwanda

Located at Blvd de l’aeroport Gishushu, Remera

P. o. Box 4307
Kigali, Rwanda

Tel: +250786022804

Family TV Rwanda
Found in Kigali Rwanda
Other televisions in Rwanda include;

  • Lemigo Television
  • Super Television
  • Contact Television