The Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA)

The Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA)

The Rwanda Revenue Authority located on Kimihurura Avenue du Lac Muhazi, was established in 1998 as a quasi-autonomous body, mandated with the task of assessing, collecting, and accounting for tax, customs and other specified revenues.

RRA is governed by a Board of Directors under a Board Chairperson who is appointed by the Prime Minister on the recommendation of the Cabinet

Functions of Rwanda Revenue Authority

  • Advise government on fiscal policy.
  • Implementation of fiscal policies as regulated by government.
  • Effective administration and enforcement of the laws relating to those policies.
  • Formulation of outreach programmes that improve compliance.
  • Advise Government on tax policy matters relating to revenue collections
  • Also collects non-tax revenues.

Regulatory frame work
The Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning is responsible for monitoring the policy framework and operations. It also provides the policy links between domestic revenue mobilization and broader strategies of macroeconomic management.

The Ministry of Commerce is responsible for managing the relationship between the collection of revenues and creating an enabling environment for private sector investment and development.

The National Bank of Rwanda is responsible for monitoring the link between domestic revenue generation and the management of fiscal and monetary policy.

The Ministry of Public Service has a special interest to see how the agency model on which the RRA is based works in the Rwandan context, and to draw lessons for the wider process of public service reform (capacity building, performance improvement and service delivery

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