Attractions of Nigeria

Attractions of Nigeria

Millennium Park

Millennium Park is the largest public park in Abuja with its entrance off the Three Arm Zone road. The park has a narrow river running through its centre and the remains of what was probably a more extensive riverside woodland clinging to its edges. It is a great place for bird watching.

Kajuru Castle

Kajuru Castle is an ancient monument that was built in German style Castle in 1978 by a controversial German expatriate living in Kaduna. It has dungeon-style bedrooms, towers with crenulated walls a baronial hall and suits of armour. It is located about 217 kilometres from Abuja.

Cross River National Park

Cross River National Park is located in Cross River State about 412 kilometres from Abuja. It is one of the richest areas of tropical rainforest in West Africa. Some of the animals in the park include gorilla, drill, chimpanzee, Baboons, Leopards, Red Foxes, Drill Monkeys, Buffaloes, Elephants, a gwantibo or golden potto forest elephant, saleginella specie.

Kwa Falls

Kwa falls is a spectacular waterfall located in a narrow, steep gorge on the headwaters of the Kwa River in Cross River National Park about 412 kilometres from Abuja. A deep plunge pool forms at the bottom of the waterfall, which, before deforestation, was hidden under the thick canopy of the tropical rain forest.

Yankari Game Reserve

Yankari Game Reserve is located about 504 kilometres in Bauchi State, northeastern Nigeria from Abuja. The reserve has over 50 species of mammals, prominent among which are Elephant, Loxodouta african, Baboon, Papio anubis, Patas Monkey, Erythcebus patas, Tantalus Monkey, Cercopithecus tantalus, Roan antelope, Hippotragus equinus. There are over 130 wells and more than 59 caves in the reserve.

Idanre Hill

Idanre Hill, one of the most awesome and beautiful natural landscapes in Nigeria is located in Ondo State of southwestern Nigeria about 418 kilometres from Abuja. It is a cluster of intimidating, imposing hills that surround and dominate life in the town around it. The entire people of Idanre lived on these boulders for almost a millennium.

Arun River
Arun River is a mysterious river in a serene corner of the Idanre hill 418 kilometres from Abuja. The water is very clear, clean and even drinkable. One can even see the stones and plants inside it. People come to pray and fetch the water for spiritual cleansing.

Awhum waterfall

Awhum waterfall, 30 metres high is situated at Amaugwe village of Awhum town about 426 kilometres from Abuja. The water is said to have healing power and capable of dispelling evil or satanic forces if and wherever sprinkled.

Gashaka Gumti National Park

Gashaka Gumti is Nigeria’s largest national park covering about 6600 square kilometres, located in a mountainous region of northeast Nigeria 485 kilometres from Abuja. The park contains woodlands,  montane grasslands and rainforest.  Giant forest hog, leopard, Yellow-backed duiker, Golden cat, chimpanzees buffalo, lion, elephant, Wild dog antelopes including the world’s largest antelope, the Giant eland, rare Adamawa mountain reedbuck, Black-and-white colobus monkey, baboon, warthog, oribi, klipspringer, hippos, crocodiles, otters a wide variety of fishes and over 500 bird species. There are few other places in the world that contain such spectacular scenery and such diverse wildlife.

Kamuku National Park

Kamuku National Park found in Kaduna State 380 kilometres from Abuja. It has typical savanna woodland vegetation and a wide variety of birds and other animals like elephants, antelopes, oribi, waterbuck, wet cat, green monkey, side stripped hyena and jackal.

Dogon Ruwa Waterfall

Located at the Northern end of Kamuku National Park 380 kilometres from Abuja, is Dogon Ruwa Waterfall. The fall is scenic and great for diving, fishing and canoeing.

Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary

Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary, the best-protected area for drills in the world is found in Southern Nigeria, 349 kilometres from Abuja. It is home to rare chimpanzees, gorillas and drill monkeys.

Zuma Rock

Zuma Rock sometimes referred to as “Gateway to Abuja” is a large monolith located in Niger State 45 kilometres from north of Abuja. Zuma Rock is 725 meters above its surroundings. It is depicted on the 100 naira bill of Nigeria.

Ife city

Ife city is an ancient Yoruba city in south-western Nigeria, Osun State 517 kilometres from Abuja. Evidence of habitation at the site has been discovered to date back to as early as 600 BCE.

Kano City Walls
Ancient Kano City Wall is a 14 kilometre radius earth structure enclosing an area of 19 square kilometers with 15 gates built in order to provide security to the growing population. Construction started in 1095.It is located 450 kilometres from Abuja and was declared a National Monument on the 23rd April, 1959.

Kurmi Market

Kurmi Market is one of the oldest and largest local markets in Africa established in the 1400s. It is found in Kano city 451 kilometres from Abuja. The market used to serve as an international market where North African and some European goods were exchanged for domestic goods through trans-Saharan trade. The Kurmi Market operates even today with food, clothes, kitchen ware, building materials, shoes, books and traditional artifacts.

Emir’s Palace

Emir’s Palace located 449 kilometres from Abuja was built by Muhammadu Rumfa who ruled Kano from 1463 to 1499. The palace is divided into 3 sections (Emir’s family, the stables and the servants’ rooms) and it has 3 gates.

Lighthouse of Lagos State

Located on Lighthouse beach is a 110-year-old lighthouse about 756 kilometres from Abuja. It guards the entrance to Lagos harbour that can be seen from the Tarkwa bay beach. There are very few monuments of its age left standing in Lagos.

Lord Lugard Foot Bridge, Kaduna State

Originally erected in 1880 by Sir Frederick Lord Lugard, Lord Lugard Foot Bridge is found in Kaduna Gardens, about 211 kilometres from Abuja. The bridge was transported down to Kaduna in 1920 by Lugard himself when he removed his headquarters from Zungeru to Kaduna.

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