Investment opportunities in Nigeria

Investment opportunities in Nigeria

Nigeria is the most populous country on the African continent with a population of over 150 million people. The Nigerian Government has created a favorable climate for business and industrial ventures by streamlining administrative and bureaucratic procedures have and encouraging a free market economy. The available investment opportunities are in the sectors below.

Agriculture Sector

  • Cattle horn supply to local industries
  • Sesame Seed cleaning
  • Maize Milling
  • Cashew kernel and cashew nut shell liquid production
  • Processed wood Export of Eki, Gmelina and teak woods
  • Processing of Paddy rice, Cocoa beans, Tomatos and Ground nuts
  • Supply Palm Kernel Oil (PKO) to local industries
  • Establishing oil palm plantation
  • Cattle slaughtering, processing and packing
  • Trading in Raw hides and skins
  • Livestock feed production
  • Plantain flour processing and production
  • Poultry farming

Arts and Entertainment Sector

  • Amusement park development

Banking Sector

  • Micro Finance banks
  • Loan application and sources

Business Sector

  • Business process outsourcing

Real estate Sector

  • Housing development and provision

Import/Export, whole sale and retail trade Sector

  • Export of Natural rubber, Cotton lint, Cattle horns, Manganese ore, Gemstone, Lithium ore and Honey
  • Provision of dry ginger
  • Freight forwarding
  • Rock salt processing and export
  • Importation and sale of jumbo reels

Manufacturing Sector

  • Bottled water
  • Paper napkin production
  • Production of nails
  • PVC pipe and joint production
  • Candle stick production
  • Production of Plastics
  • Milk production
  • Salt production
  • Ice block production
  • Sugarcane processing
  • Nylon extruding
  • Metal scrap recycling
  • Mini-sugar production

Mining and quarrying Sector

  • Coal
  • Gemstone cutting and polishing
  • Mineral benefaction plants for gypsum talc, kaolin, marble, dolomite, baryte
  • Refractory bricks
  • Small and medium-scale plant for sheet metal production
  • Gold rock mining and processing
  • Barite ore
  • Coal, quartz mining, iron ore, barite ore, copper ore
  • Bentonite, zinc ore, phosphate rock, lead ore, tin ore, zinc ore, barite ore,
  • Lime stone milling and packaging
  • Feldspar milling and packaging
  • Bitumen exploitation and exploration
  • Columbite ore milling, packaging and export opportunities
  • tantalite ore milling, packaging and export opportunities

Oil and gas Sector

  • Sludge trading
  • Bunker fuel trading
  • Providing vessel hiring and charter services
  • Distribution and marketing of Diesel and Kerosene
  • Online crude oil trading
  • Establishing a mini refinery and portable crude oil distillation plant

Telecommunications Sector

  • Short code number business
  • Bulk sms
  • Beyond Economic Repair (BER) phone export

Tourism Sector

  • Overland Safaris
  • National Parks
  • Game and Gorilla viewing
  • Deep Sea Recreational Fishing
  • Lake and River Fishing
  • Archaeological Tours
  • Beach Resorts and Hotels
  • Transportation-Water, land and sea
  • Surfing and snorkeling
  • Theme Parks and Exposition
  • Accommodation and food services

Transportation and warehousing

  • Truck terminal operations for the oil and gas sector
  • Crane and Forklift services
  • Ferry services
  • Inland water way transport


  • Schools


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