Tourism in Niger

Tourism in Niger

Tourism has contributed to the development of the country through income generation. Niger in the recent years has attracted numerous tourists from across the globe. As a result, many tour operators in Niger have started functioning to attract more number of tourists to the country.

Niger is rich in tourism centers. There are numerous tourist attraction sites in Niger such as River Niger, waterfalls, national parks and rocks. The country has various national parks such as the W-Park which is situated within three countries Niger, Benin and Burkina Faso.

Regulatory Framework

Ministry of Tourism

The Ministry of Tourism is the authority responsible for overseeing tourism in Niger.

Niger State Tourism Corporation

The Corporation coordinates all tourism activities in Niger and over see all the attractions that can contribute to the development of the country’s tourism sector.

Tourism in Niger has been summarized to include the following

Tourist arrivals

Hotel accommodation

Tourist Attractions of Niger

Tourist arrivals in Niger

Niger Flight Status

Niger Currency Converter

Niger Immigration Authority

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