Investment Authority of Niger

Investment Authority of Niger

The National Council of Private Investors (CNIP)

The National Council of Private Investors (CNIP) was established by Decree No. 2007-388 / PM of 14 September 2007 as a body for consultation and consultation whose purpose is to stimulate private investment in the country

CNIP advises and assists the government in the promotion of the private sector, especially with regard to support for investment.

It is also responsible for identifying all barriers and regulatory, legal and institutional promotion of private investment constraints and submits to government measures to contain them.

Missions of CNIP

The CNIP tasks:

  • Advise and assist the Government in the context of the promotion of the private sector to enable governments to contribute to the development of that sector by the implementation of appropriate support;
  • Identify legal and regulatory barriers and constraints affecting the development of our business and competitiveness;
  • Create and maintain a framework for dialogue “Government – Business World” to remove barriers to trade and investment in Niger to create a favorable investment and economic growth climate.–13-710373-18-lang4-index.html&prev=/search%3Fq%3DConseil%2Bnational%2Bdes%2Binvestisseurs%2Bpriv%25C3%25A9s%2B(CNIP)%2Bniger%26es_sm%3D93


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