Transport in Niamey

Transport in Niamey

Shared Taxi

The taxis are white in color. They are almost always shared (4 passengers) unless you ask specifically to pay more to make it private. Negotiate the price before getting into one.


There are minibuses available for transport within the city.


There are four bus main companies in the city depend on your destination: Rimbo, Air, Maissage and SNTV (Sociéte Nigerienne de Transports de Voyageurs). The buses go as far asAgadez, Ouagadougou, Algeria and Chad. Buses within Niamey operate on a few routes.

Water transport

The Niger River runs through the city. However there is no regular boat service. There are small boats that will gladly take you along the river. They are much slower and more comfortable than buses.


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