Niger Vision 2020

Niger Vision 2020

To transform Niger State into one of the top three state economies in Nigeria by the year 2020 by being a model and leader in agro-based industrialization where there is employment and wealth creation opportunities for all in an atmosphere of peace.


To empower Nigerlites by providing a conducive environment for living, through wealth and employment creation opportunities in collaboration with development and public private partners

Overall Development Strategy

The overall development strategy of the state is to use the agricultural endowments through private public-partnership to develop/industrialize/modernize the State’s economy for the improvement of the welfare of the people.

Major Policy Thrust and Reform Agenda

The major thrust of policy is to revitalize the economy of the State and maximize the exploitation of the various potential of the State to create wealth, empower the private sector and improve the welfare of the populace.

The Niger State Vision 3:2020 is organized according to the major policy thrusts and development framework of Niger State.

Policy Thrust 1: To Move the Niger State Economy up the Value Chain

Policy Thrust 2: To Raise the Capacity for Knowledge and Innovation and Nurture “First Class Mentality”

Policy Thrust 3: To Address Persistent Socio-Economic Inequalities Constructively and Productively

Policy Thrust 4: To Improve the Standard and Sustainability of Quality of Life

Policy Thrust 5: To Strengthen the Institutional and Implementation Capacity Sectoral Strategies, Action and Implementation Plan


To take advantage of the diverse agricultural resources of the State to develop an agricultural sector that will guarantee food security, reduce rural poverty and accelerate economic development of the State. The Sector shall be private sector driven, however with the Government creating an enabling environment through public private partnerships.

Tourism and Culture

To make Niger State the preferred tourist destination in Nigeria by both domestic and international tourists by the year 2020

Solid Minerals

To transform Niger State Mineral Sector into an irresistible mining destination for global capital by the year 2020


To evolve as one of the best integrated modes of transport system in Nigeria by year 2020.


The policy thrust is to consolidate Niger State position as the leading power producing State in the country by the year 2020.


The policy thrust is to provide health services that are relevant, accessible and affordable to majority of the people, particularly the urban poor and the rural dwellers.


The Sector shall focus on complete education: early child care and education, primary, junior secondary, senior secondary, adult and non-formal, science, technical and vocational and tertiary education.

Water and Sanitation

To be among the top three water and sanitation sector in Nigeria in terms of supplying adequate portable water for domestic, Industrial, Agricultural and recreational purposes and to provide adequate sanitation facilities 24hrs a day by the year 2020.

Environment and Sustainable Development

The policy thrust is to transform Niger state into one of the top three (3) cleanest States in Nigeria in a sustainable manner by the year 2020.

Information and Communication Technology

The policy objective is to attain information and knowledge based society that is efficient and technologically enabled through a nationally competitive ICT industry by the year 2020.

Urban and Rural Development

Creating conducive human settlements with full opportunities for sustainable growth and development with strong propulsive force to drive the state to one of the three best economies in Nigeria by 2020

Science and Technology Innovation

To become one of the top three hubs of Science Technology and Innovative activities in Niger by the year 2020


To make the Housing sector one of the top three contributors to the Niger State’s economy by adding decent and affordable homes to the housing stock by the year 2020.

Manufacturing and Agro-Allied Development

To be amongst the three most industrialized States in Nigeria using Agro-Allied Industries as the premium vehicle for the industrial development of the State by the year 2020.

Small and Medium Enterprises Development

To create a competitive SME Sector that will be the main engine of growth and the base of sustainable industrial development of Niger State and Nigeria by the year 2020.

Media and Communication

The policy focus is to transform media organizations in Niger State into virile, potent, responsive and responsible journalism outfits in line with the State Vision to be one of the top three state economies in Nigeria by the year 2020.

Business Environment and Competitiveness

A dynamic fast growing competitive business environment with a productive base that would be ranked among the top three State economies in Nigeria by 2020

Youth and Sports Development

The policy focus is to have a pool of youth that will rank among equals in terms of positive virtues, acceptable conduct, enterprise and respect for constituted authorities and to ensure that we produce the best athletes that will make Niger State proud at all levels of sport competition by 2020.

Governance, Rule of Law and Security

The policy thrust in this case is three-fold:

To ensure a sustainable Democratic System in a people-centered state where transparency and accountability in governance and rule of law are upheld by the year 2020;

For Niger Stare to achieve a polity where there is equality before the law and equality, justice, peace and order are enthroned by the year 2020;

To make Niger State the most secured State by the year 2020.


To increase job opportunities from the present 20% to 70% by the year 2020


To make Niger State the hub of financial services in Nigeria by 2020

Women and Vulnerable Groups

To empower women and communities, develop the potential of the Niger State children and ensure self actualization and protection of vulnerable groups.


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