Attractions of Niger

Attractions of Niger

Aïr Mountains
Aïr Mountains are the main highland area of Niger, most of them exceeding 1,800 metres and the the highest being Mount Gréboun at 1,944 metres. Vegetation in the valleys supports livestock, owned mainly by Tuaregs. There are notable archaeological excavations in the region that illustrate the prehistoric past of this region. Aïr Mountains are located 914 kilometres from Niamey, Niger’s capital.

W national park
‘W’ National Park in Niger is a park with three sections, each section in a different country. It is located 192 kilometres from Niamey. The wildlife found in W National Park includes the lion, the leopard, the serval, the caracal, the cheetah, the Cape buffalo, the African elephant, the hippopotamus, the roan antelope, the aardvark, the warthog and more than 350 species of bird.

Agadez mosque
Agadez Mosque is an ancient mosque found in Agadez, about 952 kilometres from Niamey. It was built in 1515 and some additions made in 1844.

Niamey grand mosque
Niamey grand mosque found on Avenue de l’Islam in Niamey is an Islamic mosque and the largest mosque іn the city. It features а minaret wіth 171 steps frоm top tо bottom.

Air and Tenere national nature reserve
Air and Tenere national nature reserve, the largest protected area in Africa covering about 7.7 million hectares is found in north-central Niger about 1117 kilometres from Niamey. One-sixth of the total area is a sanctuary for addax, an endangered species of antelope. The reserves also boast an outstanding variety of landscapes and plant species.

Musée Nationale and Zoo
Musée Nationale and Zoo, found in Niamey was built in 1959 by the colonial French government as French Institute of Black Africa although most of the original museum was largely destroyed by fire in 1980. The museum is one of West Africa’s best national museums. There are many Hausa-styled pavilions containing displays on Nigerien history & customs and exhibitions focusing on such things as traditional instruments, paleontology/archaeology, costumes, & uranium mining.

Zinder, located 891 kilometres from Niamey was capital of Niger until 1927 and the capital of a Muslim dynasty established in the 18th century. The old town is a compact maze of alleyways, typical of a Hausa town. Near the centre are the Sultan’s Palace and the mosque, which offers a good view from the minaret. Zinder lies in the centre of an important peanut- (groundnut-) producing region and is a major processing centre and market, with a peanut-processing mill, a millet-flour mill, a tannery, and a thermoelectric-power plant.

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