Our Vision

Our Vision

Vision statement

“A prosperous and industrialized Namibia, developed by her human resources, enjoying peace, harmony and political stability.”


Objectives of the Vision

  • Ensure that Namibia is a fair, gender responsive, caring and committed nation.
  • Create and consolidate a legitimate, effective and democratic political system (under the Constitution), and an equitable, tolerant and free society.
  • Develop a diversified, competent and highly productive human resources and institutions,
  • Transform Namibia into an industrialized country of equal opportunities.
  • Ensure a healthy, food-secured and breastfeeding nation.
  • Ensure the development of Namibia’s ‘natural capital’ and its sustainable utilization, for the benefit of the country’s social, economic and ecological well-being.
  • Accomplish the transformation of Namibia into a knowledge-based, highly competitive, industrialised and eco-friendly nation, with sustainable economic growth and a high quality of life.
  • Achieve stability, full regional integration and democratized international relations; the transformation from an aid-recipient country to that of a provider of development assistance.

Themes of the vision 

  • Inequality and Social Welfare;
  • Human Resources Development and Institutional Capacity Building;
  • Macro-economic issues;
  • Population, Health and Development;
  • Namibia’s Natural Resources Sector;
  • Knowledge, Information and Technology; and
  • Factors of the External Environment.

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