Investment Promotion Centre

Investment Promotion Centre

Rua da Imprensa,

332 R/C – Caixa Postal 4635, Maputo

Tel: (+ 258) 21 313310; (+ 258) 21 313375; (+ 258) 21 313325




Strategic Objectives

  •     Expansion of domestic and foreign direct investment;
  •     Promotion of innovation in the economy;
  •     Improvement of Mozambique’s economy competitiveness;
  •     Increase of the GDP growth rate;
  •     Increase of job opportunities;
  •     Improvement of the balance of payments;
  •     Increase of the number of tax payers and tax revenues;
  •     Development of infrastructures and facilitation of the development of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), through inclusive joint ventures, and private public partnerships with nationals’ active participation.


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