Investment opportunities in Mozambique

Investment opportunities in Mozambique

Agriculture and livestock Sector

  • Production and provision of agricultural equipment
  • Extensive agriculture
  • Mineral Water Production
  • Cattle Rearing

Energy Sector

  • Solar Power
  • Provision of Hydro power

Transport and logistics Sector

  • Logistics and warehousing
  • Mailing and courier
  • Printing and photography
  • Translation services
  • Car rental
  • Civil works maintenance
  • Planning
  • Port Expansion
  • Road marking and signage

Mining Sector

  • Coal Mining

Mining Sector

  • Mining of Bauxite, Marbles, limestone, diatomite, bentonite, Graphite, Phosphates, Tantalite, PegmaJte, Gemstones (aqua-marine, tourmaline, Coal, Gold, Diamonds, Ornamental Stones, Base, Iron ore ,copper, nickel, Ilmenite, zircon and ruJle);
  • Radioactive Minerals
  • Oil & Gas

Tourism Sector

  • Large and small coastal developments
  • Private getaways on the coast or inland
  • Communities based tourism and eco-tourism enterprises
  • Joint Ventures in existing tourism facilities
  • Luxury hotels and Resorts
  • Supply of goods and services (Furniture, equipments,  fresh-produce and maintenance services)
  • Development of Highly Skilled and Professional Work Force
  • Competitive Ground-transport and Aviation facilities
  • Cleaning and laundry services

Fisheries Sector

  • Fish Processing
  • Prawn Export


Finance Sector

  • Consultancy in accounting

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