Tourism in Morocco

Tourism in Morocco

Morocco is a country of great sights and experiences for the tourist. The desert, mountains, valleys and the sea give a complete travel experience. Nothing is as indescribable as a stay on the edge of the desert. The turquoise waters of Dakhla bay on the Atlantic are home to migratory birds and pink flamingos.

Tourism in Morocco focused on the country’s coast, culture, and history. There are many monuments most of them of ancient mosques and settlements.

Morocco was in 25th place among tourist destinations worldwide at the end of 2010. The sector is also the top of foreign exchange earner, 2nd biggest contributor to GDP and 2nd biggest employer in the country.

Regulatory framework

Ministry of Tourism

The Ministry of Tourism in Morocco is charged with overseeing tourist activities, products and service providers.

Information on Morocco’s tourism is summarized as follows;


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