Tourism in Mauritania

Tourism in Mauritania

Mauritania is a Muslim country with a black African twist. Mauritania is of strong historical interest, with a sprinkle of World Heritage–listed caravan towns, all testifying to ancient civilizations. Mauritania offers the full slate of trekking options as well as exhilarating camel trips amid surreal landscapes and hot-air ballooning.

Of interest too, is the population of Mauritania. It is almost equally divided between Moors of Arab descent and black Africans.

Regulatory framework

The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Handicraft and Tourism

The ministry includes four authorities and an information unit namely;

  • Systems authority
  • Tourism projects and Statistics authority
  • Follow-up and Control Authority
  • Heritage and  tourism reclamation authority
  • Informatics, information unit and communication technologies authority

Information about tourism in Mauritania has been summarized to include the following;


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