Natural resources in Mauritania

Natural resources in Mauritania

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Mauritania is a country rich in natural resources. The resources are detailed below.

Fish wealth

Mauritania has more than 700 kilometers of coastline along the Atlantic Ocean. There is abundance of unexploited fish in its waters.


Mauritania is the third largest producer of iron in the world. It is seeking to raise its production over the next few years from 12 million tons per year to 25 million.


75,000 barrels of oil are extracted per day from wells near Nouakchott in Mauritania.

Natural gas

Mauritania is also seeking to extract gas from six wells near Nouakchott.


Mauritania mines gold from its gold mines near the city of al-Shami, about 250 km north of the capital.


Mauritania exports copper from the Guelb Moghrein Mine, located near Akjoujt to the north of Nouakchott.

Wild animals

Mauritania has wild animals like Addax, Cheetah, lions, monkeys, and foxes. There are two national parks; Banc d’Arguin and Diawling.

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