Investment Promotion Agency of Mali (API-MALI)

Investment Promotion Agency of Mali (API-MALI)

Quartier du Fleuve
BP: 1980
Bamako – République du Mali.
Tel: (223) 20 22 95 25/ 20 22 95 26



Services offered 

  • API-Mali provides investors with key information for each sector of activity as required by law for starting a business in Mali.
  • Assisting national and foreign investors by arranging meetings with government structures, organizing guided visits/tours to investment sites, and by identifying partners.
  • API-Mali advises investors on investment opportunities offered in the various sectors of the Malian economy, as well as the most suitable location for your business.
  • Issuance of administrative documents required for starting a business and grant license to investors.
  • Organization of investment promotional events, such as Trade Fairs, Economic Fora and Business to Business Meetings.

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