Tourism in Malwi

Tourism in Malwi

Malawi is the warm heart of Africa with considerable potential for tourism. The tourist industry has grown greatly since the mid-1970s and the Malawian government is attempting to expand it further.

The tourist sector was badly affected in the 1980s by an economic recession in South Africa, the source of most of Malawi’s tourists. The industry was also badly affected by the destabilization of Zimbabwe but currently it is growing at a high speedy with an increase in number of international tourist arrivals. The tourist industry promotes Malawi’s national parks including Nyika National Park, Kasungu National Park, and Liwonde National Park

It is Malawi’s variety of attractions that is its greatest asset. Lake Malawi dominates the country. The country has a mixture of beautiful landscapes, fascinating wildlife and rich culture that combine to make this small country such a wonderful place to visit.

Regulatory Framework

Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Culture

The Ministry is responsible for developing and promoting tourism, conserve and manage wildlife, uphold and promote Malawi’s national identity through study, conservation and preservation of national heritage for the country’s sustainable economic and social growth

Malawi Tourism Association

MTA is to provide a platform for all tourism operators in Malawi, with the focal aim of representing the sector’s interests both at home and abroad in a unified and professional manner.

Tourism in Malawi has been summarized to include the following

Tourist arrivals

Hotel accommodation

Top Tourist Attractions of Malawi

Tourist arrivals in Malawi

Lilongwe International Airport Status

Malawi Forex Exchange

Malawi Immigration Authority

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